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The Atonement of Fire (Short Story)

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The Atonement of Fire
Author David Annandale
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Released 2017

The Atonement of Fire is a short story for the Horus Heresy Series by David Annandale. The story focuses on the events immediately after the novel Ruinstorm. It was released as part of the Black Library event anthology of 2017-2018.[1]

Cover Description

Imperium Secundus is over. A vision granted to Sanguinius shows that the Emperor is alive, and so the Triumvirate of primarchs who formed the breakaway empire have taken to their fleets and intend to make the traitors pay for their heresy. But in his heart, Roboute Guilliman, architect of Imperium Secundus, feels as much a traitor as any of them – and he seeks to atone for his sin by throwing himself at enemies. When a force of World Eaters threaten a world that embodies the Imperium's ideals, he finds the perfect target...[2]