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The Binary Succession (Audio Drama)

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The Binary Succession
cover art
Author David Annandale
Performer Gareth Armstrong, Steve Conlin, Penelope Rawlins, Toby Longworth, Ian Brooker, John Banks, Luis Soto, Antonia Beamish, Cliff Chapman
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Released March 2017
Collected in The Burden of Loyalty
Length 75 minutes

The Binary Succession is an audio drama in The Horus Heresy series written by David Annandale.

Cover Description

Even as the Imperium faces the renegade Legions of the Warmaster, the ruling Council of Terra is becoming paralysed from within by increasingly petty bureaucracy. Fabricator General Kane has seen his fellow Mechanicum adepts dismissed again and again by the High Lords – with his traitorous predecessor Kelbor-Hal still at large on the Red Planet, the political status of the tech-priesthood remains ambiguous. New alliances must be forged from the old, if Mars and Terra are to survive the final battle.


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