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The Blighted Claw

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The Blighted Claw are a Chaos Space Marine warband. Originally known as the Sanctors of Terra, they were among the thirty Chapters corrupted during the Abyssal Crusade[1].

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- The Blighted Claw -
Leader: Paramyx[2]
Chaos dedication: Nurgle[2]
Colours: Unknown
Strength: Unknown

Now led by their former Chapter Master Paramyx, they have dedicated themselves to spreading Nurgle's plagues amongst the worlds of the Imperium.[2]

One of their deeds - incursion on a planet Gehöft where with the might of the Daemonic legions of Nurgle and virulent Zombie Plague they inflicting heavy loss to the united army of the White Scars, Dark Angels and Brindelweld Imperial Guards and forced the Imperium to bring down the Exterminatus on the unfortunate planet. Paramyx managed to escape the retribution.[2]

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