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The Book of Blood (Anthology)

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The Book of Blood
Editor Christian Dunn
Publisher Black Library
Released April 2010
Pages 320
Editions 2010 print-on-demand paperback
ISBN: 978-1-84416-911-5

The Book of Blood is an anthology volume collecting tales of the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters, the Flesh Tearers and Angels Sanguine. It was published exclusively as a print-on-demand softcover.

Black Library Description

"Of all the chapters of the noble Adeptus Astartes, none have a legacy as tragic as the Blood Angels and their progeny. With their Primarch Killed at the hands of one of his brothers, the Blood Angels fight across countless worlds in the Emperor's name, knowing that at any time the flaw they carry in their geneseed could turn them into the ferocious killing machines that threaten to tear the chapter apart." [1]

Works included in this anthology


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