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The Brotherhood of Dust

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The Brotherhood of Dust was a Chaos Space Marine warband led by Amon of the Thousand Sons.[1]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Pre Heresy Thousand Sons Marine.jpg
- Brotherhood of Dust -
Origin: Thousand Sons exiles
Leader: Amon
Homeworld: Mobile
Colours: Red, Silver
Battle Cry: Unknown


The Brotherhood of Dust was created by Amon after his exile from the Thousand Sons.[1] This warband mainly consisted of exiled Thousand Sons but not entirely.[1a] Amon's aim was to destroy his own Legion, releasing them from the eternal damnation caused by the Rubric of Ahriman. In order to reverse the Rubric, he needed Ahriman's knowledge of it.[1b]

Amon dispersed The Brotherhood of Dust throughout the galaxy to search for Ahriman. One of these emissaries, Tolbek, crossed paths with a Space Wolf band also hunting the Thousand Sons, and from its last survivor, extracted the name of a warband with which Ahriman was traveling, The Harrowing, under an assumed name.[1] Amon's searches inevitably turned up other sorcerers, who were given a choice: join the Brotherhood or die fighting.[1c] [1d]

Tolbek discovered Ahriman aboard the ship Titan Child.[1][1c] When Ahriman refused to join the Brotherhood, Tolbek attacked him and Ahriman retaliated, killing him and everyone else in the room except a sorcerer named Maroth.[1c][1e]. Ahriman then killed the remainder of the Harrowing with the help of the three surviving Renegade Space Marines being held prisoner in the ship.[1f]

On a world inside the Eye of Terror, Ahriman consulted a daemonic oracle, Menkaura, who advised Ahriman who was hunting him. Ahriman tracked down the rendezvous point for the Brotherhood's fleet and attempted to infiltrate the fleet without Amon's knowledge.[1] However, this plan failed when the ship mistress of the Titan Child, Carmenta, betrayed them.[1g] Three Chaos Sorcerers confronted Ahriman, who defeated them but was badly wounded, and in no shape to resist when Amon appeared and transported Ahriman to his flagship, the Sycorax.[1h] There he convinced Ahriman to give him the information he desired about the Rubric.[1i]

Ahriman's allies, the remaining renegade Space Marines, boarded the Sycorax to rescue him. To their surprise, once they freed him, Ahriman declared that they would stand and fight, instead of fleeing the ship. Ahriman then defeated thirty-six of Amon's sorcerers and control of their support force of Rubric Marines. Amon then challenged Ahriman himself. Amon was nearly victorious, but Ahriman used his own knowledge of the Rubric to reach inside Amon's armor and burn his flesh to dust. Ahriman then took Amon's armor for his own and took command of the Brotherhood of Dust, renaming it the Prodigal Sons. Those that tried to abandon the warband and flee were hunted down and destroyed by Ahriman's new fleet.[Needs Citation]

Notable Members

Color scheme

The colour scheme of the Brotherhood of Dust is the same as that of the Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons: red with silver trim. When Ahriman took control of the warband, however, he changed the colour scheme to blue with a gold trim.[1j]

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