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The Burning (Short Story)

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The Burning (Short Story)
Cover art
Author Nick Kyme
Publisher Black Library
Released April 2014
Collected in Tome of Fire

The Burning is a short story by Nick Kyme, first published in Hammer and Bolter 14, re-published in Tome of Fire (Anthology) and Salamanders: The Omnibus, and online in April 2014.

Cover Description

When Salamander Dak'ir wakes up on an unfamiliar Nocturne, he must adjust quickly to his new surroundings to avoid being captured and tortured by xenos. His journey leads him to a slave camp, where he must find a way to fight an enemy he does not understand. The only way he can triumph is to harness the phenomenal powers within himself, at the risk of them utterly consuming him.


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