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Chronicles of Ursh

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The Chronicles of Ursh were the annals of the pre-Imperium nation-state of Ursh, which thrived during the Age of Strife on Terra. The Chronicles tell of the rise of Kalagann and the wars of Ursh against the Nordafrik Conclaves.[Needs Citation]

To those raised in the Imperial Truth, the Chronicles' depiction of the wars were grandiloquent and outrageous. It was seen by many Iterators as partially nonsense in its talk of "Daemons and Magick", but some, such as Kyril Sindermann, valued it for its historical significance, despite its obvious mistruths and exaggeration in parts.[Needs Citation]

Known Passages

  • "...and where the plagueing ynsects did nott crawle, or madness lye, so men did blister and recompose them ownselves ynto the terrible likeness of daimons, such foule pests as the afreet and the d'genny that persist in the silent desert places. In such visage, they turned uponn theyr kin and gnawed then upon their bloody bones..."[1]
  • "In the wake of such deceit and destruction shall we despair, or is faith and honour the spur to action?"[2]