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The Citadel of Titan

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The Citadel of Titan

On Saturn's moon of Titan, nestled in the shadow of Mount Anarch, the Fortress Monastery of the Grey Knights juts from the ice sheets and oceans of liquid methane like a jagged black spire.[1]


Long has this fortress stood. Its dusty, echoing halls are hung with battle honours stretching back almost ten thousand years, though few outside the Chapter would recognize the names of the conflicts inscribed in the faded gold lettering. This mighty structure, designed to accommodate over a thousand Space Marines and all their weapons of war, stands largely silent and empty. The daemonic threat can strike anywhere across the galaxy and, in opposing that threat, most of the Grey Knights are scattered throughout the stars. Only in the Chamber of Trials, where the unceasing work of recruitment and training is carried out, does clamour reign. Elsewhere, the Grey Knights go about their duties in silent meditation, their thoughts bent upon their unending mission.[1]