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The Dark Creed

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Symbol of The Dark Creed[1]

The Dark Creed are a Dark Eldar Haemonculi Coven of Commorragh.[1]


Fear has a special place in the Dark Creed, and they employ the most terrifying of creatures. The Dark Creed also has strong links with the Mandrakes, entering into unspeakable pacts with the otherworldly terrors to spread fear during realspace raids. This arrangement costs the Haemonculi thousands of slaves every year as well as more esoteric offerings, but they gladly will pay this price in order to employ these creatures of raw fear.[2]

The Dark Creed makes their lair in the Whispering Void, a vast vaulted space as large as a city far down in the depths of Commorragh. This massive caravan has been shifted slightly out of step with reality, making their lair a feared mass of shadows, mists, and half-heard threats. The chambers of the Haemonculi can only be reached by following the glowing orbs that drift through the murk, guiding the Covens and their servants from one stable pocket of reality to another. These orbs can be deactivated by any Haemonculus, leaving hapless intruders to wander in this frightful maze until their heart stops from sheer Terror.[2]



The Dark Creed Wrack

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