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The Dark King and The Lightning Tower (Audio Book)

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The Dark King and The Lightning Tower
Author Graham McNeill, Dan Abnett
Performer Danny Webb
Publisher Black Library
Length 1 hour 16 minutes
Editions ISBN 978184416220

The Dark King and The Lightning Tower is an audio drama published by the Black Library. It is an audio recording of the two short stories by Graham McNeill and Dan Abnett, originally published as The Horus Heresy Chapbook (Anthology). It was read by Danny Webb.

The Dark King

by Graham McNeill

Describes a disagreement over how to properly subjugate a newly retaken world during the Great Crusade between Rogal Dorn and Konrad Curze. It also tells of Kurze's escape from an Imperial Fists orbital station and of his terrible visions of the future to come. It takes place shortly before the Horus Heresy and is in the book series of the same name.

The Lightning Tower

by Dan Abnett

With word of Horus' great betrayal having reached Terra, one man is placed in charge of organising the defences of the planet and of the Imperial Palace. One man must prepare for the onslaught that he is sure is coming, fortifying the work of artists and planning for contingencies never imagined. For Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Legion, it is a difficult and demanding task. He discovers however, that an even greater one remains; facing his most secret fear.


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