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Denab Incident

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The Denab Incident was an Imperial Navy skirmish with spaceships of the Tau.


While on a routine anti-pirate patrol in the Denab System, deserted area of space on the edge of the Damocles Gulf, Patrol Group Ravanor under the command of Captain Darillian chanced upon three unidentified non-xenos transports. The discovery of these ships eventually led to a Tau waystation.[1b]

After a battle with the waystation and the Tau ships (Castellan class) that came to help her, the Tau station and the rogue transport-ships were boarded, and it was discovered that the last port of call for the transports had been Taros. So upon his return Captain Darillian filed a full report.[1b]

When Auditor Prime Nymus Dree,[1a] who had been tasked with locating more minerals for the Forge World Stygies VIII, discovered the report detailing the Denab Incident, it confirmed his suspicions regarding missing minerals that he had first noted on an earlier journey to Taros. Now it has been proven, that minerals from Taros were sold to Tau and this was done, most likely, in agreement with the Governor of the planet. This more complete picture was again filed in a report and eventually led to the First Taros Intervention and the Taros Campaign.[1b]

Patrol Group Ravanor

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