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The Deserter is the name given to a crazed old Necromundan Bounty Hunter who lives in a booby-trapped warren within the Underhive of Hive Primus.

Nothing is known about the Deserter, save that by his tattoos the bounty hunter once served in the legendary Necromundan 8th Regiment. Because of this, various rumours abound about who he truly is. With some saying he was a disgraced General, who lost his entire Regiment in some off-world war and was given the choice of execution or exile to the Underhive. Others reckon he was a war hero, who was grievously wounded (as his skull plate seems to attest), and then wandered down from the spire after losing his memory. Then there are those who say he is called the Deserter because that is just what he is, and Helmawr's cronies simply stopped trying to bring him in, after their enforcers kept failing to come back. Whatever the truth is, the Underhive's gangs are unsure why the Deserter is tolerated by Hive Primus' authorities. This has not stopped the gangs from hiring the Deserter's services, though, they often need to send at least a few Juves when contracting the bounty hunter, as he can be a little trigger happy when it comes to those who knock on his door. The skills he brings to a fight, however, are always worth it, as there are few individuals as talented as the Deserter, when it comes to laying traps or setting ambushes.[1]

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