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The Ebon Sting

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Symbol of The Ebon Sting[1]

The Ebon Sting are a Dark Eldar Haemonculi Coven of Commorragh.[1] They specialize in the creation of Engines of Pain.[2]

The Ebon Sting is renowned for its exceptionally well-made Talos Pain Engines. Innovation is key to this Coven’s artisans, and their respect is given only to those who can combine art with efficacy to create the ultimate war machine. From the revolting Black Jester, with its forest of macrosteroidal syringes, to the many-bladed Iron Dervish, the Engines of the Ebon Sting are true abominations. Yet it is for their forcibly administered poisons that the Coven is truly feared. The weapons of their Talos are coated in the Ebon Sting’s signature elixir – a black toxin derived from the rendered flesh of the worm-like nichtovermid. The moment it is introduced to the victim’s body, the toxin begins to replicate, manifesting dark and leprous blotches. Eyes harden into sightless orbs, and skin stiffens into black chitin. Soon, the victim has swollen and solidified into a shuddering chrysalis. This is taken back with the utmost care to adorn the Coven’s galleries. Inside the agonized host, a new clutch of nichtovermids grows, chewing through flesh and bone to finally burst out in a geyser of stinking liquid that draws a ripple of polite applause from its audience.[2]


An Ebon Sting Talos Pain Engine

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