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The End of Daze (Audio Drama)

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The End of Daze
Author Guy Haley
Performer Tom Alexander, John Banks, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Matthew Hunt, Jonathan Keeble, David Seddon, Joe Shire
Publisher Black Library
Series Prophets of Waaagh!
Followed by Bozgat's Big Adventure
Length 21 min

The End of Daze is a audio drama in the Prophets of Waaagh! series writen by Guy Haley.

Cover Description

The Red Sunz Meks are back! Uggrim, Snikgob, Bozgat, Talker the Madboy and Frikk the grot return. Their space hulk knocked out of the sky following the Great Rift, the boyz have fallen on hard times. Stranded on yet another backwater world, they are locked in an endless series of skirmishes over diminishing supplies with rival Mek Grimgutz. When Fat Mork is beset by an invasion of snotlings, attacked by ork Wildboyz and Talker the Madboy goes a bit nuts, the boyz reckon a Waaagh is coming. Uggrim and his mekboys set out to join it.