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The Enemy of My Enemy (Nate Crowley)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Nate Crowley short story; for the Graham McNeil short story, see The Enemy of My Enemy (Short Story).
The Enemy of My Enemy
Cover art
Author Nate Crowley
Publisher Black Library
Released November 2018
Collected in Inferno! (2018) Vol.1
Inferno! A Warhammer 40,000 Collection

'The Enemy of My Enemy is a short story by Nate Crowley.

Cover Description[1]

For a decade, the Astra Militarum have been stuck in grinding trench warfare against the alien orks. General Pyrrhus, commander of the ""Golden Eighth"" hates the world of Cavernum Tertius on which he is trapped. He hates the unmoving nature of the war. But most of all, he hates his opposing number, the ork warboss who has dubbed himself "General Taktikus". But that all changes when the tyranids arrive. With a common foe to fight, can Pyrrhus and Taktikus do the unthinkable and unite in an alliance that could save them both?

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