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The Fall of Medusa V (booklet)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the The Fall of Medusa V booklet. For other uses of Medusa V, see Medusa V (disambiguation).
Cover art for The Fall of Medusa V booklet.[1]
The Fall of Medusa V Booklet was produced for the 2006 The Fall of Medusa V global campaign and distributed in White Dwarf 317, giving detailed background information on the planet Medusa V, the surrounding system and other threats, as well as background stories to the reasons for each army being present on Medusa. This was a supplement for the 4th edition of Warhammer 40,000.[1]

The booklet is split into three sections[1]:

  • The history of the Medusa system

Including Van Grothe's Rapidity and the Medusa system. It also included extracts from the Space Lanes of The Imperium and the Perils of the Galaxy, a tome attempting to give information on everything that a trader needs to know about travelling the Imperium.

  • The forces on Medusa V

Including all armies and background information for them.

  • The website

Information on how to register for the Medusa V campaign online at the Medusa V website

Though there are no main rules for the game specified in it, on some pages of the booklet stated a 'Campaign Objectives' for every factions.[1]

ISBN 1-84154-748-4