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The Flawless Host

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The Flawless Host are a Chaos Space Marine warband. Autopsies made on the corpses of slain warriors have confirmed that the Flawless Host uses an extreme amount of combat stimulants in battle.[1] The warband tends to not just raid but conquer planets, where they proceed to enforce their twisted view of beauty.[7][12][13]

The Flawless Host
FlawlessHostMarine2020.jpg FlawlessHostMini2019.jpg
Origin: Shining Blades[3]
Leader: Eleaxus the Flawless[2]
Colours: Pale Flesh and Purple
Specialty: Heavy use of Combat Drugs
Chaos Dedication: Slaanesh
Strength: Unknown


The Flawless Host was originally known as the Shining Blades. From a gene-seed once considered free from taint, they were known for their purity and rigid mental training. Their reputation and string of victories produced a great hubris, believing they could never be defeated. This led to the Berillia Massacre in 498.M34, in which they slaughtered all they came across in a frenzy of indignation after their magnificence was supposedly questioned. Becoming overwhelmed by Slaanesh and renaming themselves the Flawless Host, they have been a plague to the Imperium ever since.[3]

The Flawless Host is known to have taken part in the 5th Black Crusade, devastating the agri worlds of Galvan II and Galvan IV during this conflict.[14] The warband also temporarily conquered several Imperial worlds throughout the centuries, including Vilidad Prime,[7] Laudamus,[13] and Sendennis.[5]

In early M42, the Flawless Host fought alongside the Black Legion during the War of Beasts on Vigilus.[9] At some point in M42, they also enslaved the world of Novaris, envious of their craftsmanship and forcing the population to produce many weapons for them. However this ended when the Indomitus Crusade arrived and the newly formed Silver Templars pushed them off the world. During the battle, the Flawless Host Lord Lyrius Soulslaver was slain by Captain Ducas of the 1st Company.[12]

Known campaigns

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Previous editions

After their introduction in Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4th Edition), the Flawless Host were stated to possess the characteristic gene-seed markers of the Emperor's Children Traitor Legion, making them a likely subfaction or offshoot of that Legion; further connections with the Emperor's Children included the resemblance of their armour and their shared devotion to Slaanesh.[1] However, the 6th Edition Codex retcons and fills in their prior history, and confirms that they are a Renegade Chapter, formerly known as the Shining Blades[3].

A warband of Emperor's Children calling itself the "Flawless Host" assaulted a unnamed Imperial world as part of a larger army, The Incarnadine Host. However, millennia of raiding, defeat, bitterness and bloodshed had reduced them to only five Marines. Before the last Imperial bastion was destroyed, in-fighting saw all but one of the Flawless Host killed. The survivor, a disfigured Apothecary named Le'Furion took the bodies of his fallen brothers and planned on using Dark Eldar technology to create a new body for himself out of the corpses. The Imperial bastion fell soon after to the World Eaters warband, the Blood Hounds.[4]


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