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The youngest ever Blood Ravens Force Commander

Aramus[1a], commonly refered to simply as the Force Commander, was the leader of various Blood Ravens strike forces during the Aurelian Crusades.[2][3]


Aramus first drew attention to himself during the Hadrian Campaign, where he led a mission that successfully destroyed an enemy artillery position without taking any casualties. In the wake of this success he was promoted to the position of Force Commander by Chapter Master Azariah Kyras himself. The youngest Blood Raven to ever gain this position, some of the senior members of the Chapter believed it to be a premature promotion. [2]

Aramus and his surviving men were awarded the title "Heroes of Typhon" after the final battle against the Tyranids on that world.[2]

Aramus would eventually rise to become Captain of the 4th Company, promoted by Gabriel Angelos to take the place of Davian Thule, who had been entombed within a Dreadnought.[3]


The Commander wields a Chainsword and Bolt Pistol as default, but later gains access to virtually the entire Blood Ravens Armoury.[2][3] There eventually appears a Thunder Hammer named Hammer of the Nameless amidst the various weapons stored in said armoury, which is recorded as belonging to the youngest force commander in the chapter's history and rumoured to have been used to banish the Greater Daemon Ulkair.[4]


  • As the player character, the Force Commander has no official name in the game (allowing the player to name him).[2] The Force Commander did not recieve an identity beyond that which the player assigns to him until the the Dawn of War II novel, in which he is revealed to be Aramus of the Fifth Company[1a], and a native of the planet Meridian, recruited at the same time as Thaddeus (previously stated to be the only recruit from Meridan in 700 years). This novelisation also differs in that it states that Aramus and Thaddeus were the only survivors of their Blood Trials. [1b][2]
  • The character in the novel adds some insight into the Force Commander character, notably his background and relationship with Thaddeus. The novel states that Aramus is around 40, unusually young for a Sergeant, but also that Thaddeus is of a similar age, likely to add a contrasting character to Thaddeus. Where Thaddeus is stated to be a member of a lower-hab, a street-kid, Aramus came from a high-hab family (middle class).[1]
  • The reason for his early promotion differs in the novel; Aramus earned his promotion to Sergeant fighting the Tyranids on Prosperon to protect a sacred scroll from falling into the hands of the xenos. In addition, in the novel Aramus never receives an official promotion, instead named the acting Strike Force Commander, as the ranking Sergeant. This is due to the incapacitation of Davian Thule by a Tyranid Warrior and the death of Sergeant Merrick of the First Squad. In this novel, Aramus is Sergeant of the Third Squad with the veteran, Sergeant Tarkus, as his squad second, who is reassigned to the leaderless First Squad (until the battle's conclusion at his own condition). The novel concludes with a conversation between Aramus and Captain Gabriel Angelos, where they discuss the apparent death of Tarkus and the First Squad, and who will be the successor to Thule. Aramus suggests the Sergeants of 2nd or 4th Squad as suitable candidates and plans to pass on the Power Sword Wisdom (AKA, Alexian's Blade to the new Captain, when Angelos suggest that the blade is most commonly carried by Sergeants, suggesting that Aramus remains in his current rank, likely backed up by his comparative youth (only 40-odd years old)[1a]
  • Due to the nature of the video games, Aramus has several alternative fates depending on playstyle; instead of being promoted to the Captain of the 4th Company, the Commander can be declared a renegade and work for Gabriel if he worked a tiny bit in chaotic wargear. He is sent on a hundred years long Penitent Crusade with his men if he dabbles even more with chaos powers. If he becomes too tainted, he is executed by Gabriel Angelos. If the Commander has fully converted to Chaos, he and his men take the Strike Cruiser Retribution to the Eye of Terror, joining the Black Legion.[3]

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