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The Foresworn (Word Bearers)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Word Bearers Warband; for the World Eaters Warband, see The Foresworn (World Eaters).
The Foresworn
ForeswornMarine.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: Word Bearers
Leader: Kor Megron
Colours: Red Armor with Silver Trim
Chaos Dedication: Chaos Undivided
Strength: 200[1a]

The Foresworn are a warband of Word Bearer Chaos Space Marines.[1a]

They were originally a Company under the command of Kor Megron during the Great Crusade and settled the world of Eydolim, converting it into a bastion of fanatical worship of the Emperor. They eventually sided with their Primarch Lorgar in the Horus Heresy. In late M41, Kor Megron would return leading the Foresworn and many allies in the Battle of Eagle Gate.[1a]

Known Members

The Hell Feaster, Dreadnought of The Foresworn[1b]

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