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The Foresworn (World Eaters)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the World Eaters Warband; for the Word Bearers Warband, see The Foresworn (Word Bearers).
The Foresworn
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Origin: World Eaters
Leader: Kossolax the Foresworn
Chaos Dedication: Khorne
Strength: At least 6,000 World Eaters plus many more subordinate warbands[8]

The Foresworn are a World Eaters warband believed to be the largest of the broken Legion thanks to the leadership of its Chaos Lord, Kossolax the Foresworn.[1][8a]


The Foresworn has its origins with Kossolax the Foresworn, originally a Sergeant of the World Eaters 3rd Assault Company during the Horus Heresy. After being stranded on Terra after Horus' death, Kossolax (then known as Solax) organized a retreat with his brothers and managed to form their own warband. In time, it grew to become massively powerful thanks to Kossolax's ruthlessness, intellect, and sheer determination.[8a]

By the Age of the Dark Imperium The Foresworn was not only absorbing large numbers of World Eaters, but also had subordinated many other warbands to it from the Night Lords, Death Guard, and traitors from an array of other Chapters. The four greatest warriors of The Foresworn are known as The Four and act as Kossolax's lieutenants.[8a]

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The following types of spaceships could be identified as part of the Foresworn by imperial force dispositions at the beginning of the 13th Black Crusade[2]:

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