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The Garantine was the codename given to an Eversor Assassin at the time of the Horus Heresy. The crazed enraged killer was assigned to the Officio Assassinorum Execution Force to kill Horus. However while en-route to meet with Execution Force commander Eristede Kell, the handlers of the Garantine accidentally awoke him from his stasis pod. The Garantine proceeded to massacre his handlers and engage Kell and the other Execution Force assassins in battle, but was eventually subdued by the efforts of Kell and the Culexus Assassin Iota.[1a] Later, the Garantine was partially calmed through the chance for a challenging target like Horus as well as the introduction of anti-psychotic drugs, but nonetheless remained a bloodlusted killer constantly seeking murder and a fascination with weaponry.[1b] In particular, he hoped to kill a Space Marine.[1c] The Garantine ran rampant on Dagonet while the Execution Force waited for the arrival of Horus, killing pro-Horus forces on the world whenever he came across them.[1d]

The Garantine took part in the failed assassination attempt on Horus, becoming embroiled in a bloody melee with members of the Sons of Horus. After killing many of the Traitor Astartes, the Garantine was mortally wounded. His self-destruct mechanism activated and The Garantine exploded, taking his killers with him.[1e]