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The Ghost Halls (Short Story)

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The Ghost Halls
Cover art
Author L.J. Goulding
Publisher Black Library
Series Angels of Death
Preceded by Final Duty
Followed by The Tithe
Released September 2013
Editions September 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782512738

The Ghost Halls is a short story by L.J. Goulding. It was published online on September 20, 2013.

Cover Description

In the silent ruins of a devastated Eldar Craftworld, most unusual figures stand vigil... Brother-Captain Pelenas awaits the arrival of the mysterious aliens to reclaim what is theirs. But why are he and his Grey Knights Purifiers waiting for the eldar? And will they be able to achieve their mission without bloodshed?[1]

Plot Summary

An Eldar recovery party boards the ruins of Craftworld Malan'tai, and are outraged to find an Imperial presence there: Captain Pelenas and a squad of Grey Knights Purifiers. Fighting seems unavoidable, but Captain Pelenas steps forward and gives the Farseer a handful of Spirit stones, the only ones they were able to save from the horde of daemons that overran the Craftworld. The Farseer's attitude changes immediately, and they give thanks to the Knights. Pelenas says their thanks should be reserved for the brother who fought most bravely, and died to preserve the Eldar spirits: Justicar Anval Thawn. The Farseer's eyes widen at that name, but he manages to conceal his reaction from the Captain.

Once the two parties have separated, the Farseer sends an urgent communique to his Craftworld, informing his superiors that "the mon-keigh have found the last Perpetual," and requests instructions.


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