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The Kauyon (Audio Drama)

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The Kauyon
The Kauyon audiodrama cover.jpg
Author Andy Smillie
Performer Toby Longworth
Publisher Black Library
Released March 2014
Collected in Shas'o
Editions March 2014 MP3:
ISBN 9781782512943

The Kauyon is an audio drama by Andy Smillie.

Cover Description

The Kauyon

Kal'va is a broken warrior, the lone survivor of a pathfinder team. Engaged with human forces, he is consumed with thoughts of revenge. But as he lures the humans into a trap that will lead to their destruction, can he remain true to the principles of his warrior code?

The Tau'va

When an Earth Caste research station is overrun by a marauding horde of orks, a single tau Crisis team are asked to sacrifice everything for the Greater Good.


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