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The Last Son of Dorn (Novel)

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The Last Son of Dorn
Author David Guymer
Performer Gareth Armstrong
Publisher Black Library
Series The Beast Arises
Preceded by Watchers in Death
Followed by Shadow of Ullanor
Released October 2016
Pages 256

The Last Son of Dorn is a Black Library novel by David Guymer, the tenth in The Beast Arises series featuring the Imperial war against the Ork Warboss known as The Beast. It was published in October 2016.

Cover Description

As the ork menace ravages the galaxy, the Imperium faces its darkest hour. Its fleets are in ruins, its armies devastated – amongst them the noble Imperial Fists – and even a primarch of myth has fallen against the Beast. As brute force fails, Koorland resorts to increasingly desperate tactics against the greenskins. A final hope lies in deploying the controversial Deathwatch and the Sisters of Silence in a deft strike at the heart of the ork empire. As the situation grows more dire, Koorland must live up to the symbol he has become as the last son of Dorn or all of humanity will be doomed.


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