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The Maiden of the Dream (Short Story)

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The Maiden of the Dream
Cover art
Author John French
Publisher Black Library
Series Horusian Wars

The Maiden of the Dream is a short story by John French.

Cover Description

Mylasa Yaygus is an enigma, her origins a mystery even to her master, Covenant. Of all of the inquisitor's acolytes, Mylasa is the least known and arguably the most dangerous. A powerful Primaris psyker, the truth about her past is as byzantine as her abilities. As Ilk, she is a hive-born wretch bound for the Black Ships, as Verrun, she is the daughter of a rich merchant clan... but if these are false memories, who really is Mylasa? She is the Maiden of the Dream, a psychic torturer and manipulator of consummate skill, and amongst her many lives and histories might there be a mote of truth that reveals who she really is?

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