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The Newborn

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The destiny of The Lost Child cleaves into the future like a fiery speartip. His destiny is woven into the tapestry of a great hero's death, the fall of a star, and the rise of an evil thought long dead.

A Red Corsairs psyker, to The Newborn, on New Badab.[2]
The Newborn[3]

The Newborn was a mutated clone of Uriel Ventris, loyal to the Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou.


The Newborn was originally Samuquan, a cadet at Scelus Progenium. His Schola was raided by the Iron Warriors, and he and several other cadets were kidnapped and taken back to Medrengard inside the Eye of Terror, to serve as slaves in the Warriors' fortress of Khalan-Ghol[4b][4f][4g][4k]. Samuquan was later fed to the Daemonculaba, a creation that combined children's bodies with the stolen gene-seed of captured Space Marines.[4f][4g] Samuquan was combined with the gene-seed of Uriel Ventris, who had been briefly imprisoned inside the Daemonculaba. [1a][1x][4f][4g]

The Newborn became part of Honsou's retinue, replacing the Possessed Chaos Space Marine Onyx as the Warsmith's bodyguard. He was combat-trained by Ardaric Vaanes, a renegade Raven Guard who also joined Honsou's retinue.[4c]

He participated in the Skull Harvest[2].

The Newborn was instrumental in Honsou's Invasion of Ultramar. Since he carried all of Ventris' memories, he had knowledge of the Ultramarines' command protocols that allowed Honsou's army, the Bloodborn, to bypass and overwhelm the orbital defenses of Tarentus, Talassar, and Calth.[4d][4f] He took part in the storming of Calth[4e], helped Vaanes infiltrate and open Guilliman's Gate[4h], and accompanied Honsou to the secret tomb of Captain Ventanus on Calth[4k]. Uriel and several other Ultramarines tracked Honsou there, and Uriel, with Pasanius Lysane, killed the Newborn.[4k]


Before his death, the Newborn was in constant torment. Honsou had trained him to hate Ventris and the Ultramarines as much as Honsou did, but memories of his past life surfaced at random moments, while the memories he had inherited from Uriel gave him a trace of the Ultramarine's bravery and nobility.[4a][4c][4j] The Newborn was painfully aware that he was an abomination: his old life was over, his new life was a pale imitation of someone else's, and the conflict between the two drove him nearly insane.[4i] He blamed Uriel for his tormented existence, but his dying words were to thank Uriel and Pasanius for ending his pain.[4k]