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The Order (Galaspar Cluster)

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"All is Order!"
Motto of the Order

The Order were the rulers of a Human empire that resided in the Galaspar Cluster, until the arrival of the Imperium's Great Crusade.[1a]


When the Imperium sought to have the Order join it, the Cluster's rulers, who were led by Lord Comptroller Avald Stevang, refused and destroyed the Imperial spaceship that had made the offer. This gained the attention of the Primarch Mortarion, who made note of the Order's profound mistreatment of its population. The similarity to the cruelty the people of his Homeworld, Barbarus, had once suffered at the hands of the tyrannical Overlords, made the Primarch vow to free the Galaspar Cluster from Order's grasp. Due to the Order's might, however, a targeted strike to cut off its head was necessary for his Death Guard Legion to be successful. Their target was the Order's Capital World Galaspar, whose Primary Hive, Protarkos, was where Lord Comptroller Stevang ruled from[1a]. After a long battle, the Hive was seized and Stevang and Protarkos' Order personnel were executed. The Death Guard also tracked down and killed every single member of the Order that lived upon Galaspar as well[1b]. This was to ensure that the Order would not be able to rise again and threaten the Imperium's hold over the Cluster. With the deaths of its most powerful personnel, the Order's hold over its worlds was ended and the former empire was brought into Compliance by the Imperium.[1c]