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The Path Forsaken (Audio Drama)

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The Path Forsaken
Cover art
Author Rob Sanders
Performer Gareth Armstrong, Seán Barrett, Lucy Brown, Claire Corbett, Martyn Ellis, Paul Panting
Publisher Black Library
Released June 2013
Editions June 2013 e-audio
ISBN 9781782510529

The Path Forsaken is an audio drama by Rob Sanders, released in June 2013.

Cover Description

Indiscriminate in their destruction, the Tyranid host consumes all in its path, sparing nothing and brooking no parley. The Exodite World of Ephraeleon will be the next to fall, its people unprepared and undefended, but for Eldar Ranger Una Belphoebe the fate of the planet means nothing compared to the love of her prince. With the chitinous horde already descending on the jungles of Ephraeleon, has her desperate rescue come too late?


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