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The Pearl Moon

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Map Basic Data Lunar Image
Galaxy map segmentumobscurus.jpg
Name: The Pearl Moon of Karrik The Pearl Moon.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis Sector
Subsector: Markayn Marches
System: Unknown
Primary: Karrik
Population: 3,500,000 Human and Abhuman.
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Agri World, Ocean World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

The Pearl Moon is an Ocean World with no permanent land masses besides man-made structures.

Planetary Data

  • Equatorial Circumference: 12,500 Miles.
  • Gravity: 1.21G
  • Satellites: The Pearl Moon is Karrik's satellite.
  • Climate Classification: Extreme - Hyper Humid.
  • Mean Surface Temperature: 35°C.
  • Tropospheric Composition: Nitrogen 72%, Oxygen 25%, Argon 1%, Ozone 1%, Carbon Dioxide 0.5%.


The population of The Pearl Moon are mostly employed with gathering, packaging and shipping out seafood and algae to feed the populaces of other worlds in the Calixis Sector. Despite being a relatively peaceful place to live, life on the oceans of The Pearl Moon is hard, and the average lifespan is about 40. Most people live on large farming rigs that are suspended over submerged reefs and rocks by numerous cables. The people of The Pearl Moon tend to possess a high degree of tolerance to motion sickness and contact with slightly caustic environmental conditions. Despite their harsh life something about an existence on the ocean appeals to many people here, and they can become maudlin if taken from their homeworld.

Planetary Governor Lord Spheng and a bevy of his cronies form an effective oligarchy who concern themselves mainly with strategies to meet their tithe quota. There is a greater separation of church and state on The Pearl Moon than on most Imperial Worlds, though Artaxis and his friends are careful to remain on the right side of The Pearl Moon's religious authorities. The population of the moon is too small for heretical cults to take hold successfully, though folk tales abound of sunken cities, giant white whaleworms and weird islands covered in alien architecture that are revealed during certain confluences of the moons, but sensible folk are dismissive of them. Small communities of both Ratlings and Ogryns live on the rigs of The Pearl Moon.

Whilst the population of the moon is peaceful and loyal to the Imperium this is an important world for the sector, and relatively vulnerable, so it may make a tempting target for the forces of Chaos, or some other foe.


A conservative, but not zealous, adherence to the Imperial Cult. Karrik's monodominant beliefs are also an influence here.


The Pearl Moon's warm temperatures and abundance of water make for a humid atmosphere and precipitation is heavy. The skies of The Pearl Moon are usually filled with roiling thunderclouds, though storms on the planet often look worse than they are.

Cloud cover means that the nights remain warm, though the seas absorb some heat meaning that the temperature does drop towards sunrise.

Climatic Regions

The entire surface of The Pearl Moon is covered in ocean. Sometimes the gravitational pull of the moons or volcanic activity will reveal small atolls, but these are soon covered by the tide or worn away by the action of waves. Some reefs of note exist, such as the great rocky Shatterships to the north pole of the planet. For the most part though the ocean is deep, and in some areas unfathomed. The Pearl Moon is a warm world, and sea ice does not form at the poles.

Climatic Phenomenon

Near-constant storms.


In order to farm fish on the planet rigs come equipped with hydro-processing units that remove alkaline minerals from the water. There are some worries that this may lead to a planetwide lowering of the oceans ph, but the government of The Pearl Moon aren't overly concerned about this. A number of species not native to the planet have been introduced for farming purposes.

Native Flora and Fauna

A variety of animals and plants live in the seas of The Pearl Moon, the vast majority of them forming a vast planktonic soup drifting in the great ocean. There are no known vertebrates native to The Pearl Moon, though a number of creatures analogous to Terran annelids, molluscs and crustaceans exist. Some of these are real monsters of the deep, and attacks on ships and rigs by massive and ravenous whale-worms, or huge crab-like Rhanniniods, are uncommon but not unknown.

Alien Flora and Fauna

A number of species of fish have been introduced from other worlds inhabited by humans, including breeds of cod and tuna.


The population of The Pearl Moon mostly live on vast farming rigs, tethered to submerged reef or rocks by numerous cables. People on The Pearl Moon use the currency of Karrik. Most workers are farmers and labourers, though many rigs come with drilling and mining facilities to take advantage of the considerable fossil fuel wealth of the moon.


Mostly poor farm labourers operating in 'work gangs'. A high level of technology is maintained, with many tasks automated. Ministorium Galaxia missionaries report very little in the way of genetic mutation. A small number of Ratlings are employed in work gangs on many rigs, keeping maintainance channels and drains clear. Ogryn work gangs are also present to help with hard labour on the docks of the rigs.

Water Supply

The water of The Pearl Moon's Oceans is salty and somewhat alkaline, but hydro-processing plants situated in the rigs turn it into drinkable water. Rain water is also fairly easy to collect, and is quite potable, though off-worlders can find that it tastes odd.

Principle Exports

Foodstuffs (mostly algae, but some fish and other edible sea creatures too), natural gas. The Imperium expects The Pearl Moon to produce enough to food to supplement the diets of Imperial Citizens living on less fertile worlds throughout the Calixis sector. Planets such as Karrik recieve regular shipments from The Pearl Moon.

Principle Imports

Building materials for rigs and ships, mechanical goods, electrical devices, farming equipment.


Not of any significance, the small population and harsh living conditions breeds a sense of community that means the people of The Pearl Moon are relatively peaceful.


Almost every large rig on the planet carries some form of large weapon such as a macro cannon or defence laser. A small PDF exists, but the terrain of the planet means that the force recieves very limited training, and its performance is not well regarded.

Imperial Guard Recruitment

The Pearl Moon is not expected to raise any Imperial Guard Regiments, only their Planetary Defence Force. The population's farming work is considered an important enough service.

Contact with other Worlds

The Pearl Moon sends shipments of food to many other worlds in the Calixis Sector.

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