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The Protector

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The Protector's Breastplate

The Protector is a suit of Power Armour and relic of the Dark Angels Chapter.[1]

A finely wrought suit of power armour, the Protector is inlaid with the sombre symbols of the Dark Angels. Its exact age is unknown, but the Protector has been considered a Chapter relic since the early years of M37, when it is recorded in Chapter records that it saved Brother Methias, Master of the 5th Company, from a close range battle cannon shot during the storming of the traitor stronghold on the moons of Secclucious VII. Since those days, the suit of armour regularly turns up in the Master of the Forge’s log, where it is praised for its exceptional ability to shrug off the most lethal of blows.[1]

The suit is currently worn by Dark Angels Supreme Grand Master Azrael.[1]

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