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The Purge

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos Space Marine warband; for the novella in the Horus Heresy Series, see The Purge (Novella).
The Purge
The Purge Marine.JPG PurgeMini.jpg
Origin: M36[6]
Colours: Black and green
Specialty: Purges
Chaos Dedication: Nurgle

The Purge are a Chaos Space Marine warband dedicated the the Chaos God Nurgle. They are infamous for their genocidal campaigns and indiscriminate use of chemical weapons.[2]


Once loyal Space Marines[6], the Purge first appeared in late M36, having been consumed by the belief that the galaxy is hopelessly corrupt and the only way to purity lies in death.[2]

Even within the holds of Chaos the Purge are a feared and mysterious chapter. Though the Purge have uncertain origins, their numbers grow steadily as they continue to bring death to dozens of worlds. In battle, the Purge advance slowly and systematically exterminate all traces of life with their poison gas and other indiscriminately deadly weapons[4]. The Purge despise life in all its forms and have waged war against aliens and mankind alike for 3000 years, attempting to exterminate all life in the galaxy. Where the Purge attack, famine and pestilence soon follow[1]. They are known to frequently employ Blight Drones in battle.[4]

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