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The Pythian Scales

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Alpharius with The Pythian Scales

The Pythian Scales was a sinister and faceless baroque reptilian-styled suit of Power Armour that was worn by the Primarch Alpharius of the Alpha Legion.[1] It was a large suit with silver trim; scales covered the plates and bronze serpents adorned the helm. On the chest was an emerald hydra.[2]

Though frequently recorded as entering battle in the armour worn by most of his Legion, Alpharius — or perhaps an individual carrying his name — is also known to have led his Legion to war wearing The Pythian Scales, leaving no doubt in the minds of onlookers that a Primarch had entered the fray. The armour was fashioned after the shadowed mythic age of Ancient Terra and could turn aside any blade, energy blast or alchemical attack with equal ease.[1]