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The Quickening (Short Story)

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The Quickening
Author Andy Smillie
Publisher Black Library
Series Advent 2012
Preceded by Failure's Reward
Followed by Never Forgive (Warhammer Fantasy)
Released 5th December 2012
Pages 4
Collected in Advent Calendar 2012
Trial by Blood
Flesh Tearers
Editions 2012 eShort
ISBN: 978-0-85787-784-0

The Quickening is a Flesh Tearers short story by Andy Smillie. It was originally published online in December 2012 as part of the Black Library Advent Calendar.

Black Library Description

"Locked in battle with deadly foes, a Librarian of the Flesh Tearers marshals his power to slip between the moments and bring an end to his enemies. But something else lurks between the beats of his hearts..." [1]


On the world of Spheris, the Flesh Tearer Librarian Balthiel uses his psyker abilities to wipe out a coven of traitors led by the Chaos Space Marine Morchan and the Planetary Governor Kadi Aren. However, after drawing on the Warp for too long, Balthiel's body goes into a Sus-anic coma due to the physical effects of staving-off the forces of the immaterium.[2]


Arriving on the planet Spheris by way of the trader vessel the Wayward Lance, the Flesh Tearer Librarian Balthiel spends weeks infiltrating a coven of traitors. Now confronting this coven, the Space Marine uses his psyker abilities to slow down time. Dodging a Bolt round, he beheads the Chaos Space Marine psyker Morchan, the one responsible for the coven and the corruption of Planetary Governor Kadi Aren. Surrounded by 36 other traitors, Balthiel boils their blood,[2a] however, knowing he will soon no longer be able to remain out-of-phase, he desperately hurls bolts of red lightning at Aren, burning out the man's soul and reducing the governor's body to ash. Now aware he's drawn on the immaterium for too long, Balthiel recites a catechism to aid him in battling the forces of the Warp seeking to corrupt him. Although he successfully fends them off, the Librarian suffers extensive physical damage whilst doing so, dropping into a Sus-anic coma; he hopes his Brothers find him before the Neverborn assail his mind once more.[2b]


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