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The Regimental Standard

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Newsletter; for the Astra Militarum Sacred Standards, see Regimental Standard.

"Greetings, Guardsmen!"
- The Regimental Standard's opening message

The Regimental Standard's letterhead and tagline[1]

The Regimental Standard is a weekly Astra Militarum newsletter, that must be mandatorily read by Guardsmen[4]. It is the successor of the Imperial Army's Tercio Standard and the Regimental's staff have access to ancient copies of the Tercio.[7]


A noteworthy feature included in every issue, is the prestigious Guardsman of the Week award[1]. Also due to the Munitorum's regulations on the Regimental Standard, all material printed within it – even if by error – is to be followed by Guardsmen as accurately as possible. At least until appropriate amendments can be made to the regulations.[2]


In M42, Blood Axe Stormboy Orgruk Badfragg learned of The Regimental Standard and came to believe it was a secret Imperial weapon[5]. This led to his forces attacking and carrying off The Standard's headquarters from within Hive Alpha[6]. He would subsequently use The Standard's equipment to create the Da Regimentul Bosspole and the Codex Waaagh!-startes. These were at first distributed to his Orks[5], but Badfragg soon noticed his newsletters were not being read. This led him to quit writing and the Stormboy decided to return The Standard's headquarters. Unfortunately this was done via a Rok, which destroyed the Hive and caused a planetary evacuation from its Hive World[6]. Also in keeping with the Ordo Xenos' restrictions, any of The Standard's staff who survived Badfragg's attack on its headquarters were liquefied. The Regimental Standard has since been entirely re-staffed, however.[2]

Known Personnel


Guest Columnists