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The Relic (Short Story)

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The Relic
Author Jonathan Green
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Legends of the Space Marines
There Is Only War
War for Armageddon: The Omnibus

Cover Description

As Ghazghkull Thraka's second invasion engulfs Armageddon, Dreadnought Brother Jarold leads warriors from the Black Templars Chapter in battle against the greenskins in the frozen Dead Lands. Following a distress beacon, they find another Dreadnought in the ice, buried for half a century. When the orks attack en masse, the two Dreadnoughts make a last stand against the bestial invaders.


Dreadnought Jarold leads a battle company of Black Templars to the Deadlands of Armageddon in order to chase the Orks of the Blood Scar tribe who ravaged the Chapter Keep on Solemnus and took the Company Champion Ansgar and his symbols of rank. The Black Templars destroy an initial band of Orks and then proceed to track a signal, which turns out to be an ice entombed Dreadnought of the Crimson Fists Chapter. After unearthing Venerable Brother Rhodomanus, who has been dormant for 50 years since the Second War for Armageddon, the Black Templars forge on to the main Ork camp. The battle company fight to the teleporter pad, where Techmarine Isendur engages the device, transporting them away to the Divine Fury and delivering an explosive device to the Ork camp, destroying them. Later it is revealed that Brother Rhodomanus is returned to his Crimson Fists company and chapter.


The planet of Armageddon, in the icy Deadlands.


  • Marshal Brant - leader of the Black Templars during the Third War for Armageddon
  • Ancient Brother Jarold - Dreadnought leading the Black Templar's forces on this excursion to Armageddon. Entombed in the sarcophagus of Ancient Brother Dedric after being struck down by a rusty Ork cybernetic claw.
  • Chaplain Wolfram
  • Techmarine Isendur - Attached to Brother Jarold's forces
  • Brother Baldulf - Lost a limb in the initial drop pod assault to the Kult of Speed.
  • Brother Larce - Flamer
  • Brother Nyle - Meltagun
  • Initiate Tobrecan - Rides a bike mounted with a plasma cannon.
  • Initiate Isen
  • Initiate Leax
  • Neophyte Gervais
  • Neophyte Eadig
  • Neophyte Galan
  • Sergeant Bellangere - Fought through to the teleporter in the final assault without losing any member of his squad

Black Templars killed in the final assault on the Ork Stompa and the Teleporter

  • Initiate Egeslic - Landspeeder Pilot Landspeeder struck by a Ork Shock cannon, whereupon the Orks slaughtered him and his Gunner Fraomar
  • Initiate Fraomar - Gunner - See Above
  • Neophyte Feran - Killed by a Ork Flamer which set off his krak grenades, exploding him.
  • Brother Huarwar Decapitated by a heavily mechanised ork just prior to teleporting off of the planet
  • Initiate Garr
  • Initiate Heolstor - Gunner
  • Squad Garrond
    • Brother Derian
    • Brother Eghan
    • Brother Clust - Heavy Bolter

Crimson Fists


Space Vessels