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The Revelation of the Word (Audio Drama)

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The Revelation of the Horus
Cover art
Author David Annandale
Performer John Banks, Cliff Chapman, Emma Gregory & Stephen Perring.
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy: The Primarchs
Released December 2019
Length 24 minutes

The Revelation of the Word is an audio drama.[1]


Long ago, the primarch Lorgar was humbled by his brother Guilliman for his belief in the Emperor's divinity. Led down a dark road by this shaming, Lorgar embraced Chaos. Now, he and his Word Bearers rampage across Guilliman's realm, burning his 500 worlds in the name of their new gods. But on such world, Lorgar finds a mystery that brings his past into the present and shines a new light on his endeavours. It seems that Lorgar's legacy may be greater than even he could have ever imagined…