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The Riven

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The Riven are a warband of the Black Legion composed of Secondborn who act as the guardians of the Vengeful Spirit.[1b]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Unknown.jpg Name: The Riven Unknown.jpg
Primarch: Angron
Origin: World Eaters
Founder/Leader: Delvarus
Homeworld: Mobile
Chaos Dedication: Unknown Model
Colours: Black and Gold Unknown.jpg
Speciality: Secondborn, counter-boarding actions
Battle Cry: Unknown
Current Strength: Unknown


The Riven are a warband of Secondborn within the Black Legion with a brutal reputation. Originally the Triarii of the World Eaters,[1a] they gradually became a host of Secondborn as mortally wounded warriors were bound with daemons by Iskandar Khayon and their ranks were joined by possessed volunteers, largely from the Sons of Horus, and prisoners from other Legions.[1c]

Charged with protecting the Vengeful Spirit, they fought off boarding actions by both the Black Templars[1c] and the Legion Host during the First Battle of Cadia.[1d]

In later years, many captives from loyalist Chapters were forcibly possessed and joined their ranks.[1c]

Notable Battles

Notable Members