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The Sanguinor: Exemplar of the Host (Short Story)

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The Sanguinor: Exemplar of the Host
Cover art
Author James Swallow
Publisher Black Library
Series Lords of the Space Marines
Preceded by Bjorn: The Fell-Handed
Followed by Sammael: Lord of the Eternal Hunt
Released 2013
Collected in Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Omnibus
Editions December 2013 e-book
ISBN 9781782513681

The Sanguinor: Exemplar of the Host is a short story by James Swallow. It was published online in December 2013 as part of the Black Library Advent Calendar (2013).

Cover Description[1]

For seven years the Blood Angels have warred against the Great Devourer on Skylos. For seven years they have fought and bled and died. Now, the war is almost over, and only a handful of the sons of Sanguinius remain. As they prepare to make their last stand, thoughts turn to the Sanguinor, said to arrive and bring hope in moments of great peril. But the Sanguinor is just a legend. It isn't real... is it?

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