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The Shattering

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The Shattering
Date 764.M34
Location Craftworld Lugganath
Outcome Pyrrhic Eldar victory
Eldar Chaos
Unknown Radiant King(KIA)
Fabius Bile
Keeper of Secrets
Oleander Koh
Tzimiskes Flay(KIA)
Armies of Lugganath 12th Company
Slaaneshi Daemons
Castellax Battle Automata
Enhanced Warriors
Extremely heavy both civilian and military heavy

The Shattering is a term used to refer to the attack by the Emperor's Children on the Eldar Craftworld Lugganath in 764.M34.[1]


The events that would lead to the battle began when Sylandri Veilwalker secretly contacted the Emperor's Children Apothecary Oleander Koh and instructed him to make contact with Fabius Bile and together orchestrate an attack on Lugganath in concert with the powerful Chaos Lord known as the Radiant King. Veilwalker's reasons for doing this are unknown, save that she states that it would prevent many more Eldar deaths in the future. Oleander was successful in recruiting Bile, who wished to steal Eldar technology to unlock their secrets of immortality. The two were equally successful in convincing the twisted Radiant King to join their effort, for a Craftworld proved an irresistible prize and the Chaos Lord hoped its sacking could elevate him to Daemonhood.[3]

The Emperor's Children strikeforce consisted at first of the Radiant King's 12th Company and Fabius' own retinue, but soon grew far larger as Cultists, Pirates, and allied warbands rallied to his cause. Bile was able to track the Craftworld's location by stealing the memories of a captured Eldar Corsair using a mind-leech.[3]

Psychically shielding their fleet with a Noise Marine song combined with Eldar technology devised by Fabius Bile, the Emperor's Children fleet was undetected by Lugganath in its approach. However once visually spotted, the escorting Eldar vessels managed to destroy the first wave of fighters, but the sheer number of Chaos Space Marine dropships forced a breach in the craftworld's hull. Thanks to the Word Bearers Diabolist Saqqara Ur-Damak Thresh, large numbers of Slaaneshi Daemons including a Keeper of Secrets were summoned into the Craftworld. The vile creatures wreaked havoc and caused panic among the Eldar wherever they appeared.[3]

After a bitter series of further boarding actions, the Emperor's Children managed to establish a teleportation array in the Plaza of Reflection, resulting in more of the perverse Space Marines arriving in large numbers. The Eldar managed to seal the initial breach point, but they realized their foe's true intent too late. At the heart of the plaza, hundreds of Noise Marines combined their sonic weapons into a psychic explosion that ripped through the Craftworld's wraithbone architecture. The Craftworld's buildings crumbled down into the raging battle below.[1]

Seeing the terrible devastation, the Autarchs of Lugganath authorized the use of Hemlock Wraithfighters, eventually causing the Emperor's Children to retreat. During their withdrawal, they were pursued every step by vengeful Harlequins. The Harlequins and Lugganath Warlocks were able to surround and isolate the Radiant King, cutting him down before he could turn into a Daemon Prince after gorging on a great many Spirit Stones.[3]