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Space Wolf (Novel Series)

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Space Wolf is a series of novels about the Space Wolves Chapter of the Space Marines, following the career of Ragnar Blackmane.

The series was created by William King, who wrote the first 4 volumes. Lee Lightner continued with Sons of Fenris and Wolf's Honour. The first three novels were published as an omnibus edition, and the following three was published as a second omnibus in October 2009.


Each novel is constructed as an extended flashback, as Ragnar, a Wolf Lord, looks back on his earlier days with the Wolves, starting with his recruitment.

Space Wolf

Main article: Space Wolf (Novel)

Ragnar Thunderfist, an unsuspecting barbarian on the planet Fenris, is recruited by the Space Wolves after being mortally wounded in battle with a rival tribe. Also recruited is the warrior who killed Ragnar's family and wounded him, Strybjorn Grimskull. Ragnar swears revenge, even as he undergoes basic training and the eventual transformation into a Space Marine.

During a training mission, Ragnar and Strybjorn discover a hidden base of the Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines on Fenris itself.

Ragnar's Claw

Main article: Ragnar's Claw (Novel)

Inducted as Blood Claws, Ragnar, Strybjorn, and their squadmates are deployed into battle for the first time, as part of a deployment to halt a plague induced by the daemon Nurgle on a world under the Wolves' protection. To stop the plague, they must find and reassemble the pieces of an ancient Eldar artifact, and fight their way through an Ork Waaagh! and a horde of Chaos daemons.

Grey Hunter

Main article: Grey Hunter (Novel)

Ragnar accompanies his Great Company, along with several others, to Garm, where a Chaos rebellion has allowed the Thousand Sons to steal the Spear of Russ from its sacred shrine. Ragnar eventually confronts the Chaos Sorcerer Madox, and stops his plot to bring back Magnus the Red from the Immaterium, but loses the Spear in the process.


Main article: Wolfblade (Novel)

As punishment for losing the Spear, Ragnar is exiled by assignment to the Wolfblade, the bodyguard unit for one of the great Navigator houses on Terra. Thrust into a center of immense power and deadly political intrigue, Ragnar finds himself out of his depth, especially when he and his comrades stumble onto a plot to destroy the house.

Sons of Fenris

Accompanying their Navigator charge to Hyades, Ragnar and his comrades are drawn into a plot by the Thousand Sons to foment war between the Wolves and their traditional rivals, the Dark Angels.

Wolf's Honour

Main article: Wolf's Honour (Novel)

Ragnar and the rest of the Wolfblade return to battle with the rest of the Chapter to combat a war orchestrated by the Thousand Sons across an entire sector of the Wolves' space. At the center of the war is a plot by the Sons to use the recovered Spear of Russ in a ceremony to destroy the Chapter altogether.

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