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The Tainted

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The Tainted are a large Chaos Space Marine warband dedicated to Nurgle.

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
The Tainted Marine.jpg
- The Tainted -
Origin: Death Guard[1a]
Chaos dedication: Nurgle[1a]
Colours: Dark green and beige[1a]
Specialty: Creation of Chaos Spawn and Mutants[1b][2b]
The Tainted Pad.jpg


The Tainted are a large sub-faction of the Death Guard legion. They worship Nurgle in his aspects as father of despair[1a] and mortifier of flesh.[2b]

The warband possesses a bestiary of Chaos Spawn, Plague Ogryns and other mutated creatures known as the "Rotted Circus". The most infamous of their creatures is a massive plague-spawn called Jibberjaw.[1b]

The Siege of Vraks

The Tainted were one of the eleven Chaos Space Marine warbands, who fought against the Imperium during the Siege of Vraks. After their arrival on the planet, the warband's Champions began to sway the local defenders, the Vraksian Renegade Militia to the cause of Nurgle.[1b] The most prominent converts were Deacon Mamon[1c] and several commanders of the elite Disciples of Xaphan.[2a] Mamon, who was elevated to daemonhood by Nurgle, proceeded to fight alongside The Tainted for the rest of the siege.[1c]

The Tainted also unleashed their "rotted circus" on Vraks and used their dark arts to create the first Plague Ogryns.[1b][2b]

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