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The Unnamed

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The Unnamed
Unnamed Symbol.jpg
Unnamed.jpeg Unknown.jpg
Founding Chapter: Dark Angels[1]
Founding: Ultima Founding[1]
Homeworld: Fleet Based[1]
Colours: Yellow/Orange[1]

The Unnamed are a Dark Angels Successor Chapter of the Ultima Founding.[1]


When the senior elements of The Unnamed learned of the Dark Angels' secrets, from Supreme Grand Master Azrael, they felt the weight of their genetic ancestors' guilt heavily on their shoulders. Because of this, The Unnamed refused to take a name for their Chapter, deeming themselves unworthy of doing so, and refused to take a Homeworld. Instead the Fleet Based Chapter became determined that they would never cease to ply the stars, until the blight of the Fallen Angels was eradicated from the galaxy forever.[1]

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