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The Unremembered Empire (Novel)

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The Unremembered Empire
Cover art by Neil Roberts
Author Dan Abnett
Performer David Timson
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Preceded by Vulkan Lives
Followed by Scars
Released October 2013
Pages 416
Length 13 hours
Editions 2013 hardcover
ISBN 9781849705714

2014 softcover
ISBN 9781849705738

Cover art

The Unremembered Empire is the 27th novel in the Horus Heresy Series, written by Dan Abnett. It was published in October, 2013. It was later included in "The Novels: Volume 6" eBook collection.

Cover Description

Far out on the Eastern Fringe, the realm of Ultramar stands alone. Having weathered the Word Bearers' attack on Calth and the subsequent Shadow Crusade against the Five Hundred Worlds, the Ultramarines primarch Roboute Guilliman now draws all loyalist forces to Macragge as he contemplates a new future for mankind. With the arrival of more and more fugitives from the war that has engulfed the rest of the galaxy, all distinction between friend and foe is lost – isolated from Terra by fearsome warp storms, is Guilliman making a bid for power to rival even the renegade Warmaster Horus?

Notable Characters

On Macragge

  • Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the XIII Legion 'Ultramarines', Lord of the Five Hundred Worlds, now know as 'the Avenging Son
  • Drakus Gorod, Fief commander of the Invictus bodyguard
  • Maglios, Lieutenant, Invictus bodyguard
  • Valentus Dolor, Tetrarch of ultramar (Occluda), Primarch's Champion
  • Casmir, Captain, equerry to the tetrarch
  • Titus Prayto, Master of the Presiding Centuria, XIII Legion Librarius
  • Phratus Auguston, Chapter Master, Ultramarines First Chapter
  • Verus Caspean, Chapter Master, Second Chapter
  • Niax Nessus, Chapter Master, Third Chapter
  • Terbis, Captain
  • Thales, Captain
  • Menius, Sergeant, Ultramarines 34th Company
  • Zyrol, Sergeant, posted to Helion orbital plate
  • Leaneena, Deck officer, Helion orbital
  • Forsche, Consul of the senate
  • Tarasha Euten, August Chamberlain Principal
  • Vodun Badorum, Captain of the Praecental Guard, househoold division
  • Percel, Praecental Guard
  • Clenart, Praecental Guard

On Sotha

  • Barabas Dantioch, Warsmith of the Iron Warriors
  • Arkus, Sergeant, Ultramarines 199th Aegida Company
  • Oberdeii, Scout, Aegida Company

From the storm

  • Eeron Kleve, (rank deferred in mourning), X Legion 'Iron Hands'
  • Sardon Karaashison, X Legion 'Iron Hands'
  • Timur Gantulga, V Legion 'White Scars'
  • Verano Ebb, Captain, Silence Squad, XIX Legion 'Raven Guard'
  • Zytos, XVIII Legion 'Salamanders'
  • Alexis Polux, Captain, 405th Company, VII Legion 'Imperial Fists'
  • Faffnr Bludbroder, Watch-pack master, VI Legion 'Space Wolves'
  • Malmur Longreach, Space Wolves watch-pack
  • Shockeye Ffyn, Space Wolves watch-pack
  • Kuro Jjordrovk, Space Wolves watch-pack
  • Gudson Alfreyer, Space Wolves watch-pack
  • Mads Loreson, Space Wolves watch-pack
  • Salick, 'The Braided', Space Wolves watch-pack
  • Biter Herek, Space Wolves watch-pack
  • Nido Knifeson, Space Wolves watch-pack
  • Bo Soren, 'The Axe', Space Wolves watch-pack
  • Aeonid Thiel, Sergeant, Ultramarines 135th Company
  • Narek, Former Vigilator, XCII Legion 'Word Bearers'
  • Barbos Kha, Unburdened
  • Ulkas Tul, Unburdened
  • Lion El'Jonson, Primarch of the First Legion 'Dark Angels'
  • Holguin, Voted lieutenant, Deathwing
  • Farith Redloss, Voted Lieutenant, Dreadwing
  • Stenius, Captain and master of the Invincible Reason
  • Lady Theralyn Fiana, Navigator, House Ne'iocene
  • Ushpetkhar, Neverborn

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