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The Uriel Ventris Chronicles: Volume 1 (Omnibus)

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The Uriel Ventris Chronicles: Volume 1
Author Graham McNeill
Publisher Black Library
Series Ultramarines
Followed by Uriel Ventris: Volume 2
Released December 2018

The Uriel Ventris Chronicles: Volume 1 is a collection of novels and short stories in the Ultramarines (Novel Series) by Graham McNeill. It is a reprint of The Ultramarines Omnibus, but including the additional short stories Leviathan (Short Story) and Consequences (Short Story).

Cover Description

The Ultramarines are a byword for loyalty and courage. Their martial prowess is legendary and is second only to the God-Emperor. Graham McNeill's epic trilogy of Ultramarines novels is a masterpiece of non-stop action! Containing the novels Nightbringer, Warriors of Ultramar and Dead Sky, Black Sun, plus connecting short stories, this omnibus follows the adventures of Space Marine Captain Uriel Ventris and the Ultramarines as they battle against the enemies of mankind. From their home world of Macragge, into the dreaded Eye of Terror and beyond, Graham McNeill's prose rattles like gunfire and brings the Space Marines to life like never before.