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The War on Dellerax

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The War on Dellerax was a two year armoured campaign, on the remote Imperium world Dellerax, between Cadian Imperial Guard Regiments, led by Commander Pask, and the Eldar of Craftworld Saim-Hann, led by the legendary Chieftain Fell Winter.[1c]

Listed here are a few of the events during the campaign, which led to the destruction of hundreds of tanks on both sides[1a]:

121859.M41 — A fierce storm engulfed the Iron Storm Desert on Dellerax and Imperial Guard Recon troops discovered a Xeno structure at the eye of the storm, unearthed by the shifting sands. All contact was lost with the Recon troops mere moments after they report their findings.[1a]

355859.M41 - The Eldar of Craftworld Saim-Hann arrived on Dellerax and crushed the Imperial Guard forces stationed there.[1a]

498859.M41 - In response the 57th Imperial Fleet, which was transporting several Cadian regiments, altered its course to Dellerax after receiving a request for reinforcements. With fierce storms still raging on across the Iron Storm Desert, the Cadians are forced to make landfall on the far side of Dellerax's thin equatorial jungle belt.[1a]

550859.M41 - Fell Winter launched an attack, to destroy the Imperial Guard's transport ships as they land, but was driven off after Commander Pask disembarked and took command of the Imperial Guard's forces.[1a]

730859.M41 - After the Cadian 323rd Infantry was destroyed by an Eldar attack while crossing the planet's jungles, Pask ordered it burned to the ground.[1a]

050860.M41 — The Battle of Striding Sands. The Imperial Guard forces were routed by the Eldar, at the edges of the storm, with the arrival of two Revenant Titans.[1a]

200860.M41 - With the deployment of the Eldar's Titans, the war escalates and Pask successfully petitioned the aid of Legio Metalica. With their arrival Fell Winter was forced to spread his Fire Prisms thinly to counter the threat.[1a]

343860.M41 - The Warhound Titan Venator Rex was the first Metalica Titan to fall to the Eldar's attacks. Over the next few weeks all four of Legio Metalica's Titans deployed on Dellerax are either crippled or destroyed.[1a]

672860.M41 — The Battle of Phantomfall. Commander Pask led the Imperial Guard into battle, hoping to destroy the Eldar's generators, which were shielding their main forces in the Iron Storm Desert. With the Eldar's shields down, the Guard's artillery would be able to launch a devastating strike against the Xenos, which would seal the Guard's victory. During the battle the last Phantom Titan believed to be on Dellerax was destroyed[1a], which let loose a psychic shockwave that sent the Eldar's forces reeling. As the dust was still settling from the shattered form of the Phantom Titan, the Imperial Guard advanced on the generators, hoping to seize the initiative and capitalize on the chaos sown by the Titan's demise. Fell Winter however, was determined to prevent this, for not only was the war in the balance, but Saim-Hann's pride was at stake too. He was determined to defeat the Imperial Guard and make them pay in blood for the destruction of the Titan.[1b]

As Pask and the Imperial Guard neared the generators, Fell Winter's second in command, Autarch Yrannae launched a devastating ambush, which caught the Guard by surprise. In the ensuing attack, the Guard's forces were decimated, with Commander Pask's tank being destroyed by the Phoenix Lord Fuegan. Pask's fate was unknown after his tank's destruction, which left the Guard's forces leaderless and they were ultimately forced to retreat. In the aftermath of the battle, Pask was found alive, but injured and was evacuated to a field medicae facility, to recover from his wounds.[1b]

329861.M41 — The Battle of the Iron Storm[1c]. With their defeat in The Battle of Phantomfall, Pask was forced to bring what remained of his forces under the Eldar's shields[1b] in the Iron Storm Desert. There Pask and Fell Winter's forces clashed for the final time and the fate of Dellerax was decided[1a]. Leading up to this final battle, the Eldar had been concentrating their forces in the Iron Storm Desert and Pask was sure this was because they were protecting the mysterious tower that had been discovered, shortly before Dellerax was invaded. Pask believed, that if the Guard destroyed the tower they would be able to claim victory against the Eldar, so he threw his entire force into the desert for one decisive blow.[1c]

As the battle began, the combination of fierce winds and the movement of the Guard's tank tracks churned up the desert's dunes and threw up clouds of metallic dust so high that they threw the planet into a murky twilight. The poor visibility placed the upper hand firmly with Fell Winter's forces, whose sophisticated targeting arrays pierced the gloom, leaving the Imperial Guard to stumble in the dark. As the Guard advanced on the tower, the Eldar were cloaked by the sandstorm and launched a devastating attack. The Guard's forces nearly broke under the attack and Pask was taxed to his limit, keeping them marshalled together.[1c]

Fell Winter then unleashed a mighty Warlock Titan known as the Fuer'hanth, the Heart of Fire, whose firepower brought the Guard to the brink of defeat. In response Pask quickly ordered the Shadowsword Fury of Mars to attack the Warlock Titan, but its shots passed harmlessly through its holo-fields. The Fuer'hanth then destroyed the Fury of Mars, but in doing so, the Shadowsword's explosive death silhouetted the Titan, which allowed Pask to fire upon it and destroy its holo-fields. Without its shields the Titan was easily destroyed by the Guard, when Pask gave the command to fire upon it.[1c]

As with what happened during The Battle of Phantomfall[1b], the Titan's death sent out a psychic cry that sent the Elar forces reeling and Pask was able to unveil his own secret weapon - a Deathstrike Missile. As soon as it began powering up, the Eldar knew the danger it presented and Fell Winter led a final desperate thrust to break through Pask's rearguard to destroy the missile. Despite their efforts however, the Eldar could not break through the Guard's rearguard before the Deathstrike missile launched and destroyed the tower. With its destruction, the winds that had plagued the Iron Storm Desert abated and when the dust settled, the Eldar had vanished and The Battle of the Iron Storm was over.[1c]


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