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The Winnowing

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The Winnowing is the term given to a Night Lords campaign during the late Great Crusade period.[1]


The Aeschylrai Systems were a string a populous worlds close to the Galactic Core. Ruled by a union of warrior mystics and technomancers, their realm was a shrunken shadow of what had existed during the Age of Strife. Nonetheless the System was able to resist unification with Terra thanks to its technological sophistication. The task to finally subdue the sector fell to Nezurconia Kale, War Mistress of Verezian and commander of the 856th Subjugation Fleet. Kale began her campaign by annexing the system of Tenora on the edge of the Aeschylrai Systems, using it as a lynchpin for the next stage of the assault on Cordonus, Murinin, and Jalth.[1]

At first progress was good for the Imperial forces, but upon occupying core worlds in the Aeschylrai Systems a vicious insurgency began. Key Imperial officials were kidnapped or assassinated, storage depots bombed, and occupation soldiers were frequently ambushed. It was then that the Night Lords arrived without summons or warning, two war fleets under the command of Captain Var Jahan. Seeking to decisively end the insurgency and disorder, the Night Lords kidnapped individuals from every household on the planet, killing those who resisted. The chosen victims were then burnt in massive fire pits and roasted severed heads lined the roads of Tenora. Soon enough the price of resistance against the Imperium became apparent.[1]

Ignoring all pleas for restraint by Kale and her Generals, the Night Lords finally reached the true battle front and launched a vicious assault on the Aeschylrai. Beginning with a stream of terrifying noises and images that overloaded the enemy communications network, terrifying any open to the broadcast. When a world was ripe with the fear only then would the Night Lords arrive, ignoring fortresses or military bases and instead butchering densely populated civilian centers. This process repeated itself on four planets before the Aeschylrai surrendered. Yet even then the Night Lords lingered, killing a city on each world to remind them of the price of rebellion.[1]

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