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Eldar Portal
Craftworld Theminarae
Current Location: Quintus (crashed)[1]
Main Colours: Blue, yellow[1]
Reputation: Lost in a Warp Storm[1]

Theminarae is an Eldar Craftworld that crashed on the planet Quintus in the Calaphrax Cluster in M31.[1]


Craftworld Theminarae crashes on Quintus.[1]

Theminarae was one of the Craftworlds that fled the Fall of the Eldar. It was caught in the Warp Storm unleashed across the Calaphrax Cluster in M31 and crashed on Quintus. The dead and their Spirit Stones were lost and unreachable behind the storms that isolated the sector for the next ten millennia.[1]

The storms abated in M41, allowing a troupe of Harlequins to find the lost Craftworld. Reactivating its systems, they also awoke the Necrons in the tomb below.[1]