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Therion Cohort

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The Therion Cohort was a regiment of the Imperial Army during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

Great Crusade

During the Crusade, the Therions were assigned to the Raven Guard legion and assisted in in bringing Istvaan V into compliance.


The Therions were stationed at Deliverance during the Dropsite Massacre but came to Istvaan V again to rescue Corax with Commander Branne.[1][2]

Later they would assault the Perfect Fortress, a stronghold of the Emperor's Children legion as a distraction for a fierce counter-strike by the Raven Guard. Because the Perfect Fortress was located on a loyalist planet, orbital bombardment to weaken the Fortress's defenses was not an option, and so the Therions conducted a landing under fire, and suffered horrible casualties as a result before the Ravens landed.

Two and half years after the assault on the Perfect Fortress[3] the Therion Cohort would assist the Raven Guard under command of commanders Branne, Aloni and Soukhounou[4] in assault on Euesa.[3] Seven hundred thousand soldiers of Therion Cohort under command of Vice-Caesari Marcus Valerius were supported by armoured and combat engineer units of Capricorn 13th Suppression Regiment and Lothor Pioneer Cohort.[3] Together with Therion Cohort fought also by Legio Vindictus.[3] Under command of Valerius, the loyalist Imperial Army units suppressed anti-orbital defence batteries located near or in the city of Milvian. This enabled the Raven Guard to perform drop assault from low orbit that decapitated the enemy's high command.[3]