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Thousand Sons Armoury

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For special, named, and unique wargear used by the Thousand Sons.


Name Type Notes Sources
Æther-Fire Pistol Plasma Weapon
Æther-Fire Blaster Plasma Weapon
Æther Flame Cannon Flame Weapon
Æther-Fire Cannon Plasma Weapon
Æther-Fire Magna-Cannon Plasma Weapon
Achea Force Sword Force Weapon
Achea Force Axe Force Weapon
Achea Force Maul Force Weapon
Black Staff of Ahriman Force Weapon Wielded by Ahzek Ahriman [1]
Blade of Ahn-Nunurta Force Weapon Wielded by Magnus
Blade of Magnus Daemon Weapon Wielded by Magnus
Coruscator Bolt Pistol [3]
Corvidaean Sceptre Force Weapon Used by Ahriman
Dagger of Reflections Dagger
Inferno Bolter Inferno Weapon
Inferno Bolt Pistol Inferno Weapon
Inferno Combi-Bolter Inferno Weapon
Hellfyre Missile Rack Missile Launcher
Mesmeric Stave
Prismatic Staff Force Weapon
Prosperine Khopesh melee weapon
Psyfire Serpenta energy weapon Wielded by Magnus
Reliquary of Dust Force Weapon Wielded by Amon
Seer's Bane Daemon Weapon [3]
Sorthis' Mirror Dagger [5]
Soulreaper Cannon Inferno Weapon
Staff of Arcane Compulsion Force Weapon [3]
Warpflame Pistol Flame Weapon
Warpflamer Flame Weapon
Heavy Warpflamer Flame Weapon
Incaladion's Cry Warpflame Pistol [4]
Stave Abominus Force Stave [5]


Name Type Notes Sources
Armour of Amon Power Armour
Armour of Shades Power Armour Worn by Amon
Horned Raiment Power Armour Worn by Magnus
Helm of the Third Eye Helmet [3]
Helm of the Daemon's Eye Helmet [5]
Conniving Plate [5]
Pentakairic Armour [5]


Name Type Notes Sources
Asphyx Shells ammunition
Astral Grimoire [3]
Athenaean Scrolls Remnants of the Athenaeum of Kallimakus [3]
Book of Magnus Tome of sorcery Written by Magnus [2a]
Cha'qi'thl's Theorem [5]
Capricious Crest [5]
Change-Wrought Chalice [5]
Chronos Tutorum [5]
Crown of the Crimson King Crown Worn by Magnus
Egleighen's Orrery Stave [5]
Hourglass of Manat [5]
Seer Stones Tracking device [2b]
Oraculae Brazier [5]
Paradoxical Chatterfowl [5]
Prism of Echoes [5]
Pythic Brazier [4]
Text of Warp-Blown Ash
Thrydderghyre Disc of Tzeentch [5]
Umbralefic Crystal [5]
Warpweave Mantle [5]


Name Type Notes Sources
Osiron Pattern Dreadnought Dreadnought


Name Type Notes Sources
Rubricae Warriors Cursed battle brothers [1]
Thrall Wizards Psykers Servants to Thousand Sons Sorcerers [2b]
Tzaangor Beastmen Used as warriors [2c]

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