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Thracian Primaris System

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A map showing some of the worlds in the system[2]

The Thracian Primaris System is an Imperial system located in the Scarus Sector of the Segmentum Obscurus.[2]


In 241.M41, Thracian Primaris replaced Gudrun as the capital of the Helican subsector.[1]

During the 13th Black Crusade, the system was subject a massed invasion of Orks, along with the rest of the sector. The worlds of Lethe Eleven and Mordax Prime have been conquered entirely - with the latter renamed Moredakka by the Orks - while large swathes of Imbrium and Ulant are under their control. Gudrun and Nysa Stromolo are on the verge of anarchy; however, Thracian Primaris and Elnaur Delta have resisted the greenskins, their defences bolstered by reinforcements from the Salamanders and Black Templars Space Marine chapters.[1]

Known Worlds